D 1930, D Hans Tintner, SC Hans Tintner based on a stage play by Friedrich Wolf, C Günther Krampf, E Herbert Selpin, M Willy Schmidt-Gentner, P Hans Tinter for Atlantis-Film GmbH, Cast Grete Mosheim, Herma Ford, Nico Turoff, Margarete Kupfer, Claus Clausen, Ludwig Andersen, Paul Henckels, Louis Ralph, Paul Kemp, Hermann Vallentin, Josefine Dora, Print b/w, 35mm, 91 min, silent, German INT and electronic English SUB, Filmarchiv des Bundesarchivs

Introduction by Adelheid Heftberger

Cyankali takes place in working-class berlin during the economic crisis (of the 1920s) and describes the love, pregnancy and death of a young working woman, marvellously portrayed by grete mosheim. hete is one of the 10,000 women per year who died at the time from abortions in germany (…) this cinematic and beautifully-acted film is suitable for discussion in women’s groups because it shows how a struggle led by patriarchs representing women’s interests produces poor results and misses its goal. (Frauen und Film No. 2, 1974). The film was censored and recut many times before its final approval for young people in 1930. 

Accompanied on the piano by Ruth Bieri          

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