NL 1982, D, SC Marleen Gorris, C Frans Bromet, E Hans van Dongen, M Lodewijk de Boer, Martijn Hasebos, S Victor Dekker, Wilfried Depeweg, Jan van Sandwijk, P Matthijs van Heijningen, Sigma Film Productions, Cast Edda Barends, Nelly Frijda, Henriëtte Tol, Cox Habbema, Eddie Brugman, Hans Croiset, Erik Plooyer, Print colour, Blu-ray from 35mm, 92 min, Dutch OV with electronic English and German SUB, EYE Film Instituut Nederland

Introduction by Annette Förster 

A Question of Silence is Gorris’ controversial debut film which became an instant feminist classic on its release. [...] The film deals with a group of women who have never met before but who together spontaneously murder a male shopkeeper. We follow a criminal psychiatrist’s interviews with the women to try to ascertain their sanity, and the ensuing court case, with surprising results. The film examines women’s shared oppression under patriarchy and the effects of this. Thirty years on, A Question of Silence is a relevant, intriguing, and original piece of cinema. (Catalogue London Feminist Film Festival, 2012).

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