GB 1966, D Silvio Narizzano, SC Margaret Forster, Peter Nichols, C Kenneth Higgins, E John Bloom, M Alexander Faris, P Otto Plaschkes, Robert A. Goldston, Cast Lynn Redgrave, Alan Bates, James Mason, Print b/w, 16mm, 98 min, German dubbed version, Archiv Asta Nielsen e.V.

One of Charlotte Rampling’s first lead roles. She plays Meredith, ‘it girl’ and roommate of Georgy, who is herself in love with Meredith’s boyfriend. Meredith gets pregnant but harbours no motherly feelings. After she delivers the child, Georgy takes it in. Contrary to the perception that a child belongs with its mother, this film presents a view of a new practical morality. 
„Meredith was so unlikeable that people said I wouldn’t work any more – they thought I must be like her because I played her so convincingly. Of course I did work again, but I went to Italy because I wasn’t getting offered interesting roles in England at the time“ (Charlotte Rampling, The Telegraph, 2012).

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