I 1972, D Elda Tattoli, SC Elda Tattoli, Marco Bellocchio, C Dario Di Palma, E Elda Tattoli, Mario Morra, M Norman Cipriani, Stelvio Cipriani, P Ultra Film, Cast Bedy Moratti, Mario Piave, Francisco Rabal, Lilla Brignone, Marina Berti, Bianca Verdirosi, Print colour, 35mm, 90 min, Italian OV with electronic German and English SUB, Cineteca di Bologna

Introduction by Borjana Gaković, Sabine Schöbel

Even in the women’s movement, this film has been more or less forgotten, aside from occasional screenings in Germany and Switzerland. It has never been released in the USA. One can speculate as to the reasons for this neglect. Did Pianeta Venere come out too soon, even before feminist film work had really got going, and did its topic and tone not fit the times? The film maps out gender issues from the concrete experiences of an intellectual Italian woman born around 1930 who lives in the bourgeois political culture of the 50s – that is, it maps out the problems of a generation that was hardly compatible with the women’s movement of the 70s. Its lonely protagonist – fixated on romantic love; on her husband, whom she worships unconditionally; and on famous communists – was in contrast with the new, differently-socialised, solidary women’s groups. Its melancholy, disillusioned tone contradicted the spirit of optimism, though Tattoli’s protagonist does begin anew (albeit under traumatic circumstances, and without any reference to her future: the ending remains open). (Christine N. Brinckmann, Frauen und Film No. 62, 2000).

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