I 1982, D, SC Gabriella Rosaleva, C Renato Tafuri, E Anna Napoli, S Hubert Niyhius, Pippo Ghezzi, P Mariella Meucci, Emanuela Piovano for Cinema SAS, Cast Daniela Morelli, Massimo Sacilotto, Print colour, 16mm, 79 min, Italian OV with electronic German and English SUB, Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Cineteca Nazionale

Guest: Gabriella Rosaleva

Introduction by Claudia Honegger

Gabriella Rosaleva’s Processo a Caterina Ross restages a witch trial that originally took place in Poschiavo in the Italian part of Switzerland in 1667 in an empty factory close to Bovisa station in Milan. The visual compositions are minimalist, the devices employed kept restricted: a voiceover as the inquisitor, an actress as the woman accused of witchcraft, with a script that draws on the original court protocols. Remembering and forgetting, what is said and what remains unsaid all play an equal part in forming the witchcraft discourse. (Arsenal – Institut für Film und Videokunst e.V., Programme text Archive außer sich: Italy ’68, May 2018)

The film will be followed by a conversation between the director and  Cecilia Valenti

Pupille – Kino in der Uni