USA 1970, D, SC Barbara Loden, C, E Nicholas S. Proferes, M Dave Mullaney, S Lars Hedman, Richard Vorisek, Dick Vorisek, Harvey Greenstein, L Lars Hedman, P Barbara Loden, Harry Shuster, Cast Michael Higgins, Barbara Loden, Frank Jourdano, Valerie Manches, Dorothy Shupenes, Peter Shupenes, Jerome Thier, Marian Thier, Anthony Rotell, M. L. Kennedy, Print colour, 35mm, 105 min, English OV with electronic German SUB, Arsenal - Institut für Film und Videokunst, Berlin 

Introduction by Elena Baumeister and Jan Wetzel

A pioneer female filmmaker, Loden was working without a net, without role models, without a network of female collaborators (‘sisterhood’ was not invented then), in a void. Of her lonely fight, we know practically nothing […], so it is in the fictions she wrote we must look for her true voice. Apart from the difficult-to-see Wanda, her work has disappeared or is not available. No wonder women’s lives are often no more than “a little line scratched on the tablets of history.” So it is to Wanda that I’ll turn again, as a story of the sentimental education of a woman, who, despite the differences of name, age, class or ethnic background, could be Barbara Loden, or you, or me. (Bérénice Reynaud, The Last Great American Picture Show, 1995)

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