An interview on women’s films and political questions: The history of KIWI – Kino Women International in Eastern Europe (1987–1990)

Panel discussion with Salomé Alexi, Pavla Frýdlová and Lana Gogoberidze, Host: Borjana Gaković

Whereas with Remake 1 the focus of our interest was on the Women’s Event of the Edinburgh IFF, in our second festival edition we turn our view to Eastern Europe. Here, women’s access to education and work was more of a given, though emancipation and equal rights didn’t necessarily follow. In the wake of perestroika, women filmmakers began to organise: In July 1987, more than 30 festival participants from 24 countries got together at the Moscow Film Festival and determined to establish an international organisation of film women. Lana Gogoberidse from Georgia and Márta Mézsáros from Hungary were voted presidents of the organisation, which in future was known as Kino Women International – KIWI. Its goals were the international exchange of information, closer cooperation among women in film and international distribution and co-production, as well as the organisation of film exhibitions. The collapse of the system and the very turbulent 1990s that followed in Eastern Europe resulted in the dissolution of KIWI, and its film programmes can only be reconstructed in fragments.

Topics for discussion are the conditions under which KIWI developed, the differences and solidarities between East and West feminists/filmmakers, the public response at the time and the difficult years of upheaval. We will also discuss the question of continuity in film women’s organisational structures today. 

Admission free

THU 28.11.19


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