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DE, IT 1993 | Director, Script: Cinzia Bullo | Camera: Cinzia Bullo, Matl Findel | Camera Assistant: Luke McBain | Editor: Simone Klier, Inge Schneider | Lighting: Luke McBain | Music: Pierluigi Petris | Sound: Gabi Hess, Georg Maas | Colour | 16mm | 77 min | ital. OV with german SUB | Stiftung Deutsche Kinemathek

Sarangio is a small Italian village in the foothills of Lake Maggiore. Mountain farmer Marina and her friend Adelaide have been living here for 57 years. The land that they once cultivated is now wild. With wit and charm, the two older mountain farmers talk about the happy and sad moments of their lives. As they do, they convey [...] that part of the past which is irretrievable. (dffb-Archiv online)

Nature is invading the narrow alleyways of the village; nobody is left there to tame it. [...] Marina is the memory of the place. What will become of this memory when she is no longer there? The old is disappearing; the new is clearing a path. A number of young people have recently moved to Sarangio; a child is born for the first time in ages. Past and present touch one another for a fleeting moment. [...] (Lichtblick-Kino, Berlin. Film series Zurück auf Anfang, 2018)

Followed by a conversation with the director

DO, 25.11.21


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