Leave No Trace

US 2018, D Debra Granik, SC Debra Granik, Anne Rosellini based on the novel My Abandonment by Peter Rock, C Michael McDonough, E Jane Rizzo, M Dickon Hinchliffe, S Christian Dolan, Roberto Fernandez, Damian Volpe, P Anne Harrison, Linda Reisman, Anne Rossellini, Harrison Productions, Cast Thomasin McKenzie, Ben Foster, Jeff Kober, Dale Dickey, Dana Millican, Print colour, Blu-ray, 108 min, engl. OV with german SUB, Sony Pictures

Together with his daughter Tom, combat veteran Will has withdrawn to the forests of Oregon, to a nature reserve, no longer able to take living in the civilized world. But there is no room for such an approach to life here, and when the two are discovered by park rangers, it sets an array of mechanisms in motion meant to forcibly reintegrate individuals into society. Father and daughter react differently to the new situation. It is the shading and nuances, the fine variations and subtle shifts that fascinate in this film veritably overflowing with shades of green. With patience and precision, Granik records potential types of freedom and different modes of solidarity here – and every one of them is in danger. (Alexandra Seitz, Viennale, 2018)

WED 27.11.19


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