„Frauen bildet Banden“ – eine Spurensuche zur Geschichte der Roten Zora

© Umbruch Bildarchiv

DE 2019, D FrauenLesbenFilmCollectif LasOtras, Christine Lamberty, Maria Baumeister, Print colour, DCP, 77 min, german OV with engl. SUB

The “Rote Zora” (Red Zora) was a militant women’s movement in West Germany of the 1970s and 80s. Its activities were directed against, among other things, everyday violence against women, against genetic and reproductive technologies, demographic policy and conditions of exploitation around the world as an expression of patriarchal hegemony. Their central aims were to facilitate the self-empowerment of “women-lesbians” and to break with the attribution of a dovish female nature. With their actions, the “Rote Zora” shaped and influenced an entire generation of feminist and lesbian activists, with consequences that extended far beyond the clandestine group itself. Stories from various contemporary eyewitnesses and interviews with a female historian and former “Zoras” bring the history of the “Rote Zora” and the women’s movement of the day back to life here – while providing ample food for discussion regarding the handling of this history today.

Followed by a conversation with FrauenLesbenGruppe Frankfurt

In cooperation with FrauenLesbenGruppe Frankfurt and Pupille e.V.

THU, 7.11.19


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