Gendernauts – Eine Reise ins Land der Neuen Geschlechter / Gendernauts: A Journey Through Shifting Identities

© Edition Salzgeber

DE 1999, D, SC Monika Treut, C Elfi Mikesch, E Eric Schefter, M Georg Kajanus, Veronica Klaus, Pearl Harbor, S Andreas Pietsch, P Monika Treut, Hyena Films, Print colour, DCP from 35mm, 86 min, engl. OV with german SUB, Edition Salzgeber

Gendernauts explores the phenomenon of transgender identity. The setting: San Francisco at the dawn of the new millennium. The film shows gender-benders and sexual cyborgs who alter their bodies with the aid of new technologies and biochemistry, challenging conventional notions of binary male-female identity. In response to the question “Are you a man or a woman?” the protagonists simply answer “Yes”. Gendernauts introduces us to a group of fascinating artists in California that inhabit the area between the poles of traditional gender identity. Just as cosmonauts journeyed through outer space and cybernauts through the tendrils of the web, so do the gendernauts travel through the multifarious dimensions of sexuality. (Hyena Films)

Guest: Director Monika Treut

MON, 27.1.20


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