Edited by?!

Marginalised knowledge, collective writing and Wikipedia

The Edited by?! project continues the Kinothek's work with Wikipedia by focusing on collective writing. Edited by?! wants to contribute to the connection and skill sharing of feminist, queer, BIPoC and migrant information activists in Frankfurt and the surrounding area.

Why is this important? Despite free editorial and reader access to the world's largest online encyclopedia, white cis men are the dominant authors and protagonists of this supposedly universal knowledge. 83% of the biographies on German-language Wikipedia are of men, and only 16% of the articles are about women. Non-binary people make up a mere .011% of biographies. (see statistics). This has to change.

An edit-a-thon – a collective writing marathon accompanying Remake. Frankfurt Women's Film Days in November 2021 – is a component of the project, as is a social media campaign that has been informing people about the basics of editing for Wikipedia since September 2021. The campaign also introduces feminist Wiki initiatives and raises awareness about a number of the Kinothek's collectors' items via our social media channels. Not least, the project is meant to create an incentive for people to learn how to make elements of the Kinothek's community knowledge freely accessible online.

You can now find tutorials and posts on Edited by?! on our Instagram channel: @kinothek_asta_nielsen


Jules Bieber heads the project. Jules is the network organizer for the ART+FEMINISM Wikipedia campaign and is thus well-connected in the European and international Wikipedia community. Jules is also familiar with our archival holdings from previous collaborative projects.

You can reach Jules via our email address (please indicate Edited by?! in the subject line) or send a message to our Instagram channel.

Edited by?! Marginalised knowledge, collective writing and Wikipedia is a project of Kinothek Asta Nielsen and supported by the Department for Women's Affairs of the city of Frankfurt.