Covid Rules

To guarantee that all guests enjoy a safe visit with us, a comprehensive protection and hygiene concept is in place for this year’s Remake festival. This is based on the current Coronavirus Protection Ordinance (CoSchuV) of the state of Hesse and the corresponding recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute.

General hygiene rules
In consideration of all visitors and festival helpers, please follow the usual hygiene and distance rules and behave appropriately when you sneeze or cough. Hand disinfectant dispensers are located in entrance areas.

Access to the festival is subject to the German “2G” rules. Accordingly, visitors may be admitted who are completely vaccinated (14 days following the last necessary vaccination) or who can provide (2) proof of recovery from Covid-19. Neither a negative rapid nor an antigen test is sufficient. To avoid queues, visitors are requested to have the respective proof ready in the entrance area, together with a valid identification document.

In order to protect other visitors and festival helpers, all festival guests are requested to remain at home if they have symptoms of a cold. This is also the case with officially ordered quarantines and for relevant contact persons. In addition, we generally recommend that all festival visitors take a rapid test before attending the festival.

Mask requirements
Visitors are required to wear FFP2 or surgical face masks inside the festival venues, even during the screenings.

Subject to official changes, these regulations may change prior to the begin of the festival.

These regulations apply to the main venue, Pupille – Kino in der Uni, in the student centre. For all other venues and for events that are part of the Remake on Location series, the regulations of the respective locations apply.

(As of November 18th 2021)