Source: DFF – Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum, Frankfurt am Main / Bildarchiv

USA 1986 | Director, Script, Production: Lizzie Borden | Cast: Louise Smith, Deborah Banks, Liz Caldwell, Ellen McElduff | Production: Alternate Current | Colour | 35mm | 93 min | amer. OV with german SUB | Bonner Kinemathek

Working Girls was inspired by the experiences of sex workers who Lizzie Borden got to know when she was shooting her cult feminist film Born in Flames. Told from the perspective of Molly (Louise Smith), it portrays a working day in the life of a young woman who is a photographer and also a part-time worker in a private bordello in Manhattan. The view is rich in detail and almost sober-minded, void of sensationalism and the monotone portrayals of prostitution. Borden stages the constant comings and goings of johns; discussions and pastimes among colleagues and negotiations with the ambitious bordell madam. ... Another aspect is the continuous positioning of individuals (the women come from very different social backgrounds) in a business where questions about the boundaries between the private and the professional are very present.

Introduction by Madeleine Bernstorff

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