Yo,Yo, la peor de todas / I, the Worst of All

AR 1990, D María Luisa Bemberg, SC María Luisa Bemberg, Antonio Larreta based on the novel Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz o las trampas de la fe by Octavio Paz, C Félix Monti, E Juan Carlos Macías, M Luis María Serra, S Jorge Stavropulos, P José Luis Garci, Lita Stantic, GEA Cinematográfica, Cast Assumpta Serna, Dominique Sanda, Héctor Alterio, Lautaro Murúa, Graciela Araujo, Alberto Segado, Gerardo Romano, Franklin Caicedo, Print colour, 35mm, 105 min, spanish OV +engl. SUB, Museo del Cine de Buenos Aires

The story of a Mexican nun, scientist and poet living in the era of the Spanish Inquisition. The film is the fifth realised by 65-year-old filmmaker María Luisa Bemberg, who made her first at the age of 60. Yo, la peor de todas is the name of the film. The nun is under the protection of the Viceroy of Mexico – and that in spite of the fact that her love poems are inspired by his wife. The film manages to avoid any and all clichés, while circumventing the expectations and fears of its audience. The nun proves to be stronger than the archbishop, her adversary; the threats and invocations of the Catholic church are weaker than the nun’s thirst for knowledge. She vanquishes the man of the church, only to be vanquished herself by time, by the long duration of her resistance and, finally, by the plague. (Lore Stefanek, prisma, No. 2/1990)

FRI 29.11.19


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